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The billionaire boom


Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and six other tech titans made more than $360 billion during the pandemic, which may finally shatter the myth of the benevolent billionaire Illustration by Derek Brahney for The Washington Post By Nitasha Tiku and Jay Greene March 12, 2021

The pandemic has been a boom time for America’s richest billionaires.

The wealth of nine of the country’s top titans has increased by more than $360 billion in the past year. And they are all tech barons, underscoring the power of the industry in the U.S. economy. Tesla’s Elon Musk more than quadrupled his fortune and jockeyed with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos for the title of world’s wealthiest person. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg topped $100 billion. Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin gained a combined $65 billion.

Nearly all this wealth accumulation was tied to the share price ... more

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Democratic Socialists of America Is a Communist Organization

By Trevor Loudon August 16, 2018 Updated: August 16, 2018 biggersmaller Print

News Analysis

America’s largest socialist organization, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), recruited tens of thousands of young people during the presidential campaign through the Bernie Sanders movement. Recently, their membership has been given another boost in the wake of DSA member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s upset victory over New York Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley in June.

Most of the new DSA comrades genuinely believe they are working for a better America. These indoctrinated souls have no idea that by joining DSA, they have become part of the international communist movement.

DSA claims to be working for an America that looks more like Scandinavia—yet it harbors many members loyal to Cuba, China, and even the old Eastern Bloc.

In fact, the rapidly growing Marxist organization has many serious communists in leadership positions—including convicted East German spy Kurt Stand, who was a long-time DSA national leader even before he was forced to serve a prison sentence for his role in passing U.S. secrets to East Germany’s Stasi secret police. (His ex-wife, Theresa Squillacote, who worked in the Pentagon, was also sent to prison). ... more

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Death By Mask: Lessons Learned from Spanish Flu In 1918

Written by truth11.com

In 2008, Dr. Anthony Fauci co-wrote a paper with two colleagues explaining that influenza was not the predominant cause of death during the 1918 flu pandemic. This video will show you what he wrote, and that the cause of a rise in infections among mask wearers today matches what Fauci claimed to be the real killer in 1918.

Are doctors witnessing the early signs of the next round of deaths due to infections? If so, these deaths won’t be from Covid-19 / SARS-COV-2, but from people acting on the advice given by Dr. Fauci. Remember, wearing masks is a CDC ‘guideline’ and guidelines can be ignored, especially when what is meant to protect you can lead to infections that kill you.

Why hasn’t Dr. Fauci told us about the lethal risks associated with bacterial infections from wearing masks? I thought that the hippocratic oath was to do no harm.

Could mask-induced infections and deaths get labeled as SARS-COV-2 / Covid 19, or Covid 21, which will result in governments enforcing more lockdowns and trying to mandate vaccinations?

You have a choice, and you can preserve your health, and alter our collective future for the better, by saying no to wearing a mask. Pls share this information with others to help prevent their illness from bacterial infections, and to save lives this winter.

The Global research article can be read at: www.globalresearch.ca

The video of Dr. James Meehan comes from: www.youtube.com

You can download Dr. Fauci and colleagues’ paper from:academic.oup.com(Click on the PDF symbol)


In this video I am going over a study written by Dr. Fauci in the CDC website, in regards to the Spanish Flu of 1918 and how the deaths were caused by Bacterial Pneumonia.

Same names…. The Rockefellers and Gates….read…... more

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A virus produces antigens that make you sick. Meaning they trigger your immune system to produce antibodies that kill the virus. These pricks genetically modify your DNA so that your cells (all of them?) produce antigens, as if they were themselves, viruses. Therefore your immune system will be triggered to produce antibodies to attack your own cells, forever. Draining energy, and eventually exhausting your immune system. Especially if you get several pricks for each of dozens of microbes. It is pure insanity, and feeds the depopulation conspiracy theorists pool of facts.

Normal vaccines are made of antigens that trigger production of antibodies directed at virus, in case it shows up. Since Cold&Flu bugs mutate quickly the pricks won't work the following year. As in, they have to guess what flu bugs to target with flu shots every year, and they are always wrong. Meanwhile flu shots are tied to increased covid mortality!


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Small handbuilt homes and how building codes stand in the way. For the first part of this 2-part documentary on why we need small handbuilt homes please visit: https://youtu.be/dZF6d3gUdd0
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Global child trafficking is more profitable to the Cabal than dope trade!

Enter The Pizzagate: Shattering The Illusion 2020

Boys For Sale -1981


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