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The Aurora & Alchemy Advanced Bio-fuel Production Systemsare a dramatic technological advancement in the cultivation of algae and the processing of aquatic waste for bio-fuels. The most obvious benefit is lessening humanity’s dependence on traditional fossil fuel consumption and on foreign oil. 


  • Environmentally Safe: The bio-fuel created from Aurora and Alchemy is far cleaner than crude oil, containing no hazardous sulfurs or carbon waste and is even cleaner than traditional bio-fuel feedstocks such as corn, canola, and soy oil.
  • Non-Toxic: No greenhouse gasses are released in the refining process as in crude oil processing.
  • Renewable & Sustainable: Continuous oil production. The regenerative nature of the process means oil can be harvested 24/ 7/ 365.
  • Planet Friendly: No drilling, no fracking, no degradation of soil or depletion of natural minerals, and no harmful by-products are released into the atmosphere in the bio-fuel production process. The Aurora & Alchemy Bio-fuel Production Systems can generate over 350,000 gallons of oil per acre annually. Other common sources of bio-fuels such as corn and soy bean use vast amounts of fertilizer, land, and water, which causes poor water quality due to soil erosion and pollution from fertilizer runoff. And it is unlike corn ethanol whose production process creates more carbon pollution than the crude oil it replaces. The Aurora and Alchemy Bio-fuel Production System creates no risk to the land or oceans from toxic oil spills or drilling leakages, which are major causes of pollution to the earth.
  • Cleaner Fuels on the Road: Consumption of the end products, such as gasoline or diesel fuel reduces greenhouse emissions or pollution by as much as 85%.
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  • Requires No Federal or State Subsidies: The oil produced from our systems is price competitive to both foreign and domestic crude oil and requires no government funded subsidies and or tax credits to compete with petroleum. In fact, at most only 19 gallons of gasoline can be produced from 1 barrel (42 gallons) of the high grade "sweet" crude oil whereas 40 gallons of gasoline can be produced from 1 barrel of our oil.
  • Revitalization of the "Small Farmer": Just as most small businesses today cannot compete within their industries, the small mom and pop farm struggles to compete with larger operations. Families that have been farming the same 50 acres of land for generations can no longer use their farm as the sole source of income to support their families. The revenue generated per acre by Aurora enables the small farmer to support their families as in past generations.
  • Job Creation: Approximately 20 jobs are created directly, indirectly and through construction per million gallons of bio-oil produced annually thorough the Aurora Bio-fuel production system. The jobs span the Professional, Management, Technical, Sales, Marketing, Administrative, Labor, Construction, & Transportation sectors.
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  • Revenue Generating: Just 10 acres of ponds will produce over 3,500,000 gallons of a clean petroleum oil substitute annually. Traditional bio-fuel feedstocks such as soy and canola produce  an average of 60 gallons of oil per acre annually, while approximately 400 gallons of ethanol can be produced from an acre of land.
  • Economical to Supply: The petroleum oil substitute produced from the Aurora and Alchemy systems is easily cost competitive to foreign or domestic crude oil.
  • Economical to Process: Because it contains no hazardous materials, it is far more economical to process than petroleum oil.
  • Economical to Build: The construction cost, over the productive life-cycle of the system, is a fraction of the revenue it generates over that same time.
  • Does Not Cause an Increase in Food Pricing: In 2007, legislation was passed in the US requiring a percentage of ethanol to be added to every gallon of gasoline sold with the aim of increasing renewable fuel production and reducing dependence on foreign oil. This legislation caused a dramatic growth in the bio-fuel industry. Yielding only 400 gallons of ethanol per acre, corn crops once grown for food are now being grown for bio-fuels, causing a sharp increase in prices for food grains, feed grains, oil seeds and vegetable oils. This indirectly has caused an increase of prices across the food groups, affecting everything from milk to meats. Because Aurora uses a small amount of land for large oil production outputs and uses no food crops, it causes no increase in the price of food.


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The Wall

Aug 1 '17, 02:49
Advanced Bio-fuel Production System produces upwards of 30 times the amount of oil per acre than the traditional method of extracting the oil from aquatic biomass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fun6uZ5OJoAdvanced Bio-fuel Production System produces upwards of 30 times the amount of oil per acre than the traditional method of extracting the oil from aquatic biomass. See more
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