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Wouldn't want to find out our closest friends and allies did this one too, eh? here is the most damning evidence so far. make what you will of the ShannonMAGA twitter vid, and stills. http://openlid.org/misc/

that, said, i agree it takes an inordinate amount of time right after these events to sort out the evidence, and it's easy to get lost down the wrong rabbit hole. I think it is a waste of time speculating about the people they say were involved. sound info eventually comes out, and that is when people like James shine, putting it all together in an easily digestible format.

speaking of sound info, analyzing the raw vids is sort of up my alley, and i find it a magnificent workout for brain and intellect. my first impression of the sound was that there is obviously more than one shooter. but there was something not quite right. it occurred to me that some of it kinda sounds like a helicopter.

i set it aside and went down the multiple shooters on the ground theory. which may be true. but then i watched this
...and, i started paying attention to the copters in all the raw vids, especially the one that positions itself between and behind MBay and Delano next door. several vids reveal suspicious flashes coming from there.

I also started thinking about the 'second shooter' sound and realized that much of it does indeed sound more like a copter. or a copter using a gun that fires at same rate as copter thumps. the thumping occurs when the blades are stressed during maneuvering, climbing, accelerating. throttle down and fly straight and the sound virtually disappears. sometimes you can hear Doppler effect and the sound fading off before it stops. What you get is a distorted count of some 3000 shots fired! for one thing.

realizing that you can hear the snap of bullets striking in some vids, and that that sound precedes the sound of the gun, also helped. it clues you in that there are bullets flying everywhere, and from more than one direction. but not that many and not long continuous bursts. adding credence to idea that many of the 'shots' are helicopter thumps.

finding out that there are at least two tourist attractions in Vegas that take people up in helicopters to go shoot machineguns, was somewhat disconcerting. no pun intended. as are the short selling of MGM stock by its brass and the run on gun stocks. again, no pun intended. double entendre, perhaps.

i've spent over a hundred hours pouring through this stuff, and in deference to James, there is no time to produce anything while you are trying to figure out what there is to say about it, that you can have sound confidence in. those of us who have been in this community for awhile have all been burned by believing in bad info at one time or other.

i am suspicious about who made some of the raw vids. some almost seem to be purposely avoiding shooting that critical area between the hotels. but yesterday i was re-watching this one
...and it popped out at me, now that i am clued in on the area between the hotels, that those funny 7 white dots jiggling around the screen are not random. they are not some camera range finder or image stabilizer function they forgot to turn off. it is a cursor being controlled by someone who is apparently informing the cameraperson (video shot detection gunsight? military cam with realtime input from external source?) where the bullets are coming from and what direction they are going. presumably so cameraperson can avoid getting hit! maybe they were added after the fact in post production by someone who 'knows too much?' major jaw dropper.

this may be a live piggyback on top of a drill, again. with subversive or foreign, or both, involvement, like 9-11. shooters on the ground hitting pre-selected targets who had been attending the active course that week. first responders and people who work with kids. copter fire may have been largely for distraction and to get people looking at MBay. Other shooting locations may have been stray bullets that may only have come from the air. or intentionally targeted. only takes a few seconds to get clear shots of the other reported shooting locations. creates the illusion of many shooters all over town.

Hopefully this will save you some time getting to the nitty gritty.

To see all the relevant and not too goofy stuff I've collected on this story go here:

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