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Tonight's program--the implosion (controlled demolition) of Netanyahu's political power--a genuine act of the laws of nature, or a clever scheme designed to confuse Gentiledom that the Jewish state is a nation of laws rather than a nutcase theocracy bent upon world domination? Also, the '911 Truth' movement, how it has been penetrated, corrupted, subverted and compromised so that it poses no threat whatsoever to the messianic plans of Judea Inc, and how of all the poisoned darts that have been the most effective in achieving this goal, the elevation of the cult of Hitler and the hyperfocus on the Hollerco$t have been the most instrumental in achieving this goal. Listen Here
admin Aug 8 '17, 00:40 · Comments: 4 · Tags: israel, palestine, zionism, genocide, middle east, organized crime, hollowcost, news
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