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A virus produces antigens that make you sick. Meaning they trigger your immune system to produce antibodies that kill the virus. These pricks genetically modify your DNA so that your cells (all of them?) produce antigens, as if they were themselves, viruses. Therefore your immune system will be triggered to produce antibodies to attack your own cells, forever. Draining energy, and eventually exhausting your immune system. Especially if you get several pricks for each of dozens of microbes. It is pure insanity, and feeds the depopulation conspiracy theorists pool of facts.

Normal vaccines are made of antigens that trigger production of antibodies directed at virus, in case it shows up. Since Cold&Flu bugs mutate quickly the pricks won't work the following year. As in, they have to guess what flu bugs to target with flu shots every year, and they are always wrong. Meanwhile flu shots are tied to increased covid mortality!


Real election tampering news!


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