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Credible, under-reported facts.

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Israeli complicity in 9-11, FOX News.
Try this link!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbkQddEDPs0
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SWR02 Jul 23 '17, 00:32
MC Piper elucidates some of the events and intrigue surrounding 9-11.
article: http://www.americanfreepress.net/..._link_found_169.html
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[This] places the Bush Administration's original justifications for war in Iraq within the larger context of a two-decade struggle by neo-conservatives to dramatically increase military spending while projecting American power and influence globally by means of force and dominance.

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Douglas Valentine on The Hotel Tacloban and the Trauma of War

Published on Jul 25, 2017

Doug Valentine returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his book The Hotel Tacloban. We talk about war and the trauma it inflicts on soldiers and the society at large.

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State Of The City reports
Investigative reports: 9/11 victims appeal for Theresa May to release report on Saudi Arabia funding terrorism: Read the letter from 9/11 survivors urging Theresa May to release Saudi terrorism report. 'The UK has a unique historic opportunity to stop this killing spree of Wahhabist-inspired terrorists' - Mossad; 'Secret Affairs - Britain's collusion with radical Islam' book by Mark Curtis; PMQs Caroline Lucas – Theresa should make Saudi report available.  Interview with Philip Marshall, author of 'The Big Bamboozle' – as a former pilot he discusses the anomalies to do with the 9/11 attack: why planes not interrupted by military jets? What evidence is there that Bin Laden was behind attack? What is this 'intelligence community' which has taken over the three branches of the United States government: executive, legislature and judiciary? He tried to fly a plane into pentagon on a flight simulator and managed it fourth go  - and he's an experienced pilot; third in command at the CIA Buzzy Krongard placed 'put options' on airlines involved in the 9/11 attacks and made money as the share prices fell; Pirial Airpark – CIA operated airport in US desert – there was lots of activity here on 9/11; Bush and Cheney part of it? - Condoleezza Rice; attackers had seemingly unlimited funding from Saudi Arabia;  Iran Contra; Project for the New American Century – 'new pearl harbour';  Philip Marshall and his two children were murdered on 2nd January 2013, three months after his book 'The Big Bamboozle' came out. US ‘Furious’ Over Turkey Publishing US Troop Locations in Syria. Sean Spicer resigns as Trump press secretary after six months. Israeli General - We Won’t Let Iran Win the Syrian War.
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Paul Hellyer on Stopping CETA and the need for a New Social Contract
Global Research News Hour presents a speech by the Honourable Paul Hellyer, from an October 2016 speech at the University of Winnipeg's EckHardt-Grammattee Hall. In this one hour presentation, to an audience of about 100 people, Canada's longest serving Privy Councillor and former Minister of Defence discusses the need for monetary reform which woud allow for the financing of important and needed infrastructure projects, and transition away from fossil fuels as well as building capacity for coveted social programs like health care and education. He also explains that the Free Trade pact being negotiated between Canada and the European Union would jeopardise forever the ability of Canada to utilise those monetary tools. Mr. Helllyer gave a series of these talks around the time that Canada was set to officially sign the pact known as CETA in Brussells.

Paul Hellyer is a political commentator, founder of the Canadian Action Party back in 1997, and a writer. He is the author of several books including Funny Money: A Common Sense ALternative to Mainline Economics, (1994), Goodbye Canada (2001), Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species, (2010) and The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis (2014).

caveat!: This solves the money problem: Synthetic Fuel from Biomass
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 Our Leaders Are Psychopaths

They walk among us. On the outside. they’re just like you and me, but on the inside they are unfeeling automatons who care only for themselves. They are the psychopaths, and they are in control of our governments, our corporations, our military and all of the positions of power. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we delve into Political Ponerology, a diagnosis of our politicians and a brief look at the bigger picture.

Published on Jul 17, 2017

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=406

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Latest from The Ugly Truth (Mark Glenn) mp3
SWR02 Aug 13 '17, 02:21
This touches on why this site is a google-free zone.

NEIGHBORHOOD does not necessicarily endorse outlets recommended by this 'tuber.
SWR02 Aug 17 '17, 15:18
9/11 Nobody Knows 35 Minutes

SWR02 Aug 17 '17, 17:08
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SWR02 Aug 20 '17, 02:23

Jewish Anti-zionist Journalist Max Blumenthal talks about the growing BDS movement and the efforts to muzzle it.

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Originally aired on BBC2 in 1992, 'Operation Gladio' reveals 'Gladio', the secret state-sponsored terror network operating in Europe. This BBC series is about a far-right secret army, operated by the CIA and MI6 through NATO, which killed hundreds of innocent Europeans and attempted to blame the deaths on Baader Meinhof, Red Brigades and other left wing groups. Known as 'stay-behinds' these armies were given access to military equipment which was supposed to be used for sabotage after a Soviet invasion. Instead it was used in massacres across mainland Europe as part of a CIA Strategy of Tension. Gladio killing sprees in Belgium and Italy were carried out for the purpose of frightening the national political classes into adopting U.S. policies. Director Allan Frankovich

SWR02 Sep 3 '17, 12:35
Don't talk about Antarctic weather.

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The Bush Crime Family and the S&L Scandal. An investigation of connections between the Mafia, the CIA, a small group of powerful Texas businessmen and politicians, and the $500 billion savings and loan scandal - Book by by Pete Brewton (Author)

SWR02 Sep 7 '17, 12:50
Film by Adam Green of Know More News demonstrating the establishment media's propaganda campaign against conspiracy theories and the truth.

SWR02 Sep 9 '17, 20:36
Life in America would be happiy boring if it wasn't for Hollywood, the news, and the bankstrs that own them.

Jonathan O'Connell

Published on Aug 26, 2017

In this documentary, filmmaker Nick Broomfield follows the saga of Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute who has been accused of committing a brutal series of murders. Broomfield conducts interviews with Wuornos herself, and his crew films her trial as well as her interactions with religious fanatic Arlene Pralle, who gives Wuornos dubious advice and legally adopts her. The cameras also roll as the accused's attorney ignores the case at hand to negotiate a deal to sell his client's story.


SWR02 Sep 23 '17, 05:35
Hearings on the CIA and Drug Trafficking (1996)


Our Hidden History

Published on Feb 29, 2016

For similar content: https://archive.org/details/@altviews... OCTOBER 23, 1996 | Committee members heard testimony from experts and current administration officials concerning accusations by several members of Congress and others (most importantly, the San Jose Mercury News series 'Dark Alliance' by reporter Gary Webb) that the CIA sold drugs to U.S. citizens in the 1980s in order to finance covert operations against the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. Jack Blum, Chief Counsel (Former), U.S. Senate - Terrorism and Narcotics Subcommittee Michael R. Bromwich, Inspector General, Department of Justice Frederick P. Hitz, Inspector General, Central Intelligence Agency Arlen Specter, U.S. Senator, [R] Pennsylvania Bob Kerrey, U.S. Senator, [D] Nebraska Background: Mr. Blum was the chief attorney for the Terrorism and Narcotics Subcommittee of the US Senate (often referred to as "The Kerry Committee" because it was headed by Massachusetts Senator John Kerry). That committee investigated aspects of the Iran-Contra affair that included Contra drug trafficking. 00:28 - Arlen Specter (R) PA Begins 02:45 - Summary of 'Dark Alliance' series. 09:35 - Other media findings contrary to 'Dark Alliance' series. 14:05 - Senator Bob Kerrey begins his remarks. 15:27 - Audience interruption. 21:01 - Brief remarks of Senator Charles Robb (D) VA. 21:46 - Mr. Jack Blum is introduced. 22:10 - Mr. Blum begins his testimony. 23:22 - What's not true in the Dark Alliance series. 25:30 - What is true in the series: "[US] Policy makers absolutely closed their eyes to the criminal behavior of our allies ... policy makers ignored their drug-dealing, their stealing, and their human rights violations ... quietly undercutting law enforcement and human rights agencies that might have caused them difficulties". 28:22 - "We were subjected to a systematic campaign to discredit everything we did" by Justice Dept. and Reagan Administration officials to keep stories out of the media. 30:40 - Suggests a review of relationship in general between covert operations and criminal organizations. "Criminal organizations are perfect allies for covert operations... do anything you want for money... problem is they gain influence by working with us ... then we can't control what they do." 32:00 - Notes problems with intelligence agencies training criminal groups in covert operations, who then go on to use those skills later. As example: "Bay of Pigs veterans have shown up in everything from Watergate to the Letelier assassination." 32:55 - 40-year history of US government connection with the drug trade: Kuomintang Army, Vietnam, Laos, and heroin. 33:56 - Mujahideen allies of US in Afghanistan are in heroin business. 34:40 - US involvement with Argentine military. 36:30 - Manuel Noriega. 38:50 - Oliver North's expurgated notebooks. 41:40 - Haitian military drug trafficking into the United States. 42:15 - Honduran military drug trafficking, DEA office there was closed. 43:44 - CIA interfered with law enforcement agencies. 49:19 - System for stopping customs inspections of inbound and outbound aircraft. No way of determining what was on plane or why inspection was stopped. 50:18 - False accusations made against enemies of Oliver North network. 53:20 - Senators begin questioning of Mr. Blum. 54:29 - Questions focusing on 'Dark Alliance' series. 56:15 - Deposition of Contra leader: CIA case officer told me "don't tell me anymore about [drug trafficking]." 01:01:00 - Question as to wether Congress should ban covert operations. 01:03:12 - Question on cuts to State Dept. budget. 01:03:38 - Question about basis of knowledge for "too many" US covert activities. 01:05:33 - Questions from Senator Bob Kerrey about successes of Terrorism and Narcotics Subcommittee. 01:08:20 - Questions about efforts to discredit work of Subcommittee by Justice Dept. 01:09:18 - Line between covert operations and law enforcement. 01:10:03 - Kerrey asks Mr. Blum wether he thinks "Contra effort was worthwhile". 01:11:12 - Kerrey asks Blum wether he can imagine a situation where a foreign policy objective would be a "higher priority than the law enforcement". 01:12:17 - Audience interruption. 01:14:50 - Sen. Kerrey offers an example of some extreme situations where one might want to shut down a prosecution. 01:17:00 - Sen. Robb asks wether Inspector Generals have enough authority in these matters. 01:20:40 - More questions from Sen. Specter about Blum's knowledge of covert activities. 01:23:23 - Sen. Specter asks a question about assassinations. 01:24:00 - Sen. Specter asks about finding that US intelligence forces permitted people working for them to engage in drug activities. "The CIA was aware of this." 01:29:56 - Testimony of Mr. Hitz begins. 01:48:00 - Testimony of Mr. Bromwich begins. 02:26:50 - End of hearing.

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