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SWR02 Feb 12 '18, 15:20
New discoveries and developments, and the big picture.
SWR02 Feb 12 '18, 15:24
How far back does civilization go?

"Randall discusses the methods by which ancient peoples preserved and encoded their knowledge, including the ancient rituals that have turned into our modern holidays."
SWR02 Jun 21 '18, 18:03

I'm not alone in thinking thunderbolts.info has a better explanation of things than Hawking and standard theory.

Greg Jay Published on Sep 10, 2017

[In] this video I give what I think through research and investigation what the history of cosmology in the 20th century was & how it got that way. Plus the conflict going on in the science that is critical to every other science there is as it underpins all of them including biology & medicine. The soundtrack is at 432 Hz which is supposed to be in harmony with the DNA and has a healing effect.

Film Clips from these videos
Thunderbolts of the gods - https://youtu.be/5AUA7XS0TvA
Cosmology Quest - https://youtu.be/KmotCQCxQEI
Wal Thornhill lecture - https://youtu.be/e0vu-jQWCZo
Highly recommended videos: Symbols of an alien sky - https://youtu.be/t7EAlTcZFwY
The Jupiter myth - https://youtu.be/9rSYToFOYz4

Never blindly accept the pronouncements of authority, find things out for yourself.


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