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New discoveries and developments, and the big picture.
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How far back does civilization go?

"Randall discusses the methods by which ancient peoples preserved and encoded their knowledge, including the ancient rituals that have turned into our modern holidays."
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I'm not alone in thinking thunderbolts.info has a better explanation of things than Hawking and standard theory.

Greg Jay Published on Sep 10, 2017

[In] this video I give what I think through research and investigation what the history of cosmology in the 20th century was & how it got that way. Plus the conflict going on in the science that is critical to every other science there is as it underpins all of them including biology & medicine. The soundtrack is at 432 Hz which is supposed to be in harmony with the DNA and has a healing effect.

Film Clips from these videos
Thunderbolts of the gods - https://youtu.be/5AUA7XS0TvA
Cosmology Quest - https://youtu.be/KmotCQCxQEI
Wal Thornhill lecture - https://youtu.be/e0vu-jQWCZo
Highly recommended videos: Symbols of an alien sky - https://youtu.be/t7EAlTcZFwY
The Jupiter myth - https://youtu.be/9rSYToFOYz4

Never blindly accept the pronouncements of authority, find things out for yourself.


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Anthony West in Egypt. Pre-dynastic civilization.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2fHzD_HiMM

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Ben Hyde: Electric Universe Inspiring Gen Z | Space News

What does the future hold for education in the space sciences? More than half a century ago, inspired interest in space exploration was remarkably high among the general public, as humanity’s attention was held rapt by the race to the Moon. However, in the 21st century, the public face of space science is less the astronaut than the physicist and astrophysicist. When young people wish to learn of space science, they learn of the Big Bang and gravity-centric cosmology. They must try to make sense of concepts such as warped space-time, infinities and singularities. They’re told of a Universe that is 96% dark, comprised of matter and energy that are unproven, invisible and “poorly understood.” However, today we know that more than 99% of the universe is composed of plasma. This universe is not "dark," it is alight with electric currents. And the physical mechanisms that spark the phenomena we see have been replicated for many decades in laboratories on Earth. Thus, one can see the potential for the electrical cosmology to inspire a new generation, through concepts that are both understandable and demonstrable. Recently, we have engaged with an Electric Universe advocate who has made it his mission to introduce the young and curious to the ideas of the EU. His name is Benjamin Hyde, a television news science presenter at KSTU-FOX 13 Salt Lake City, and prolific social media science creator. We are excited to formally introduce Ben to the EU community in his Space News debut. Here he describes SPARK (Science Programs Aimed Right at Kids), and how his efforts to interest and inspire Generation Z in the sciences is flourishing. Ben Hyde SPARK | Science Programs Aimed Right at Kids • YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbsE...


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Andrew Hall: Scars of Plasma Dragons | Space News

For the last five years, on this series, Thunderbolts colleague Andrew Hall has presented an extraordinary reconstruction of catastrophic events on Earth, exploring the telltale clues these events imprinted on our planet’s surface. As Andy has explained, many of the fractal patterns we see on Earth cannot be explained through any traditional geological process. However, these geological features find intriguing analogues in some of the highest energy atmospheric phenomena seen in our solar system today.


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In the previous 2 episodes we have examined Juergens model in detail and looked at how the main mechanisms work. We identified that there were several assumptions that Juergens made which we now know were not correct. In the first of several parts we will explore how Juergens model has been adapted by the EU community to overcome some of these assumptions. In this episode we will be talking to Wal Thornhill about how he came across Juergens model and discussing some of the main adaptations he and others have made to this model. In the second part of this discussion we will focus on how exactly the Sun is connected to the outside environment and how this differs from Juergens model.


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Lost in the Mud (Bonus Tartar Theory)

JonLevi 86.2K subscribers In today's video, Lost in the Mudflood, we explore Tartarian Civilization in the desert of New Mexico. We will also peek at the city of Astana, check out a giant leaf, and finally a great bonus segment on Tartaria from the 1600's. This is the first video in which Ive used a gaming headset style microphone. It seemed to help with the "rice crispies in a fresh bowl of milk" background sound. Thanks for watching and I love you all!!! God bless ;)


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Why NO ONE makes a Documentary about BAYON Temple – The Forbidden Documentary | Praveen Mohan

Hey guys, today I am gonna show you a very strange temple. No, this is not Angkor Wat, many people think this is part of the Angkor Wat temple, but this is a different temple in Cambodia known as the Bayon Temple, a very large temple with many intriguing features. I am sure you have seen pictures of these mysterious stone faces at least once, but here is the shocker: No documentaries have ever been made about this temple. This is very very odd, because such a fantastic ancient temple should have plenty of videos and tv programs made about it. But there is nothing, I could not even find a documentary on YouTube. And I found a shocking reason why no documentaries can be aired on any TV channel about this temple. So welcome to the first and the only documentary about Bayon Temple. According to Historians, the Bayon Temple was built as a Buddhist temple, these mysterious faces represent Buddha and it was built around 800 years ago. Even before you enter the Bayon temple, when you are driving towards the gate, you see these giants figures lined up on both sides of the road. Who are they? On one side, there are Gods called devas and on the other side, there are demons called Asuras and look at what is in their hands, the body of a giant snake. What are they doing with this serpent? They are churning the sea of milk. But this event is mentioned in ancient Hindu texts, not Buddhist texts, in fact Buddhism shuns features like this. So why does a Buddhist temple have a Hindu depiction outside its gate? When you enter the Bayon temple, you realize it has a very unique visual impact. It is built completely different from any other temple in the world. There are a total of 54 towers cramped together, and each tower has multiple smiling faces embedded on them. There are a total of 216 faces on these towers. The faces may look small from the ground level, but when you go to the top level, it is just breath taking. You will become speechless for a few seconds because the giant faces with that mysterious smile give off a strange vibe. Who does this face belong to? Why did ancient builders construct this temple with so many towers with these strange faces embedded on all sides? Archeologists and Historians say that this face depicts Buddha, and also the King Jayavarman the 7th, and he wanted to glorify Buddha and he wanted people to remember himself forever. This is why he built this temple, to establish the glory of Buddha and Himself, to turn himself into a God King. But this entire theory is completely WRONG. These faces do not depict Buddha or the king, these faces depict the Hindu God Brahma. Brahma is the God with 4 heads, not Buddha. This is why every tower is shown with 4 heads or faces, facing 4 different directions. Ancient Hindu texts clearly mention that Brahma should be shown with 4 heads facing 4 different directions, on the other hand Buddha is never shown with 4 faces. Even more interesting, look at the ornaments, he is wearing a spectacular necklace, He wears very ornate Ear Drops and he is wearing more jewellery on his head. This is completely against Buddha, because Buddha never wears Jewellery, he believed in simplicity. Even more important is the giant crown, it is a large conical helmet like headdress with a crown or a diadem at the top. There is an ancient sanskrit text called Manasara-Silpasastra which clearly explains how Brahma should be carved, and the ancient builders have built Brahma exactly as per this text. Again, Buddha is never shown with a giant headdress and a crown, he is shown with simple hair do. But there is another fascinating detail: Look how he is shown with a Third Eye. Most people think only Shiva has a third eye, but Brahma also has a third eye, this is also mentioned in ancient texts. This means that ancient Cambodian sculptors had thorough knowledge of ancient Hindu texts, and they followed all the details carefully. This is stunning because even ancient Indians omitted these details some times, but they have dutifully followed it thousand miles away from India.



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Buddha was every inch a Hindu | Dr. Koenraad Elst

Sangam Talks 233K subscribers It is a much debated question if Buddhism is Hindu or not. Some people juxtapose Buddhism and Hinduism. Dr. Elst, on the other hand, says that Buddhism was a ‘sampradaya’ of Hinduism and that the Buddha never talked of himself as anything but a Hindu (at a time when even the word ‘Hindu’ was not yet in use.) In this talk, he examines various aspects of the Buddha and Buddhism, like caste, practices, beliefs, concepts, and rituals among others, drawing out conspicuously common roots between Buddhism and Hinduism.

About the Speaker: A Belgian Indologist and one of the few Westerners to actively defend Hinduism, Dr. Koenraad Elst (°Leuven 1959) distinguished himself early on as eager to learn and to dissent. After a few hippie years, he did his Masters in Indology, Sinology, and Philosophy, followed by original fieldwork in BHU and Doctorate on Hindu nationalism. He has published numerous books and innumerable articles and has earned both laurels and ostracism with his findings on hot items like Islam, multiculturalism and the secular state, the roots of Indo-European, the Ayodhya temple, Mahatma Gandhi's legacy, the dark side of Buddhism, reinvention of Hinduism, Maoism, direct democracy, defence of threatened freedoms, and the Belgian question.


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Universe - Episode 1 - The Cosmology Quest - The Electric Universe and Plasma Physics

Episode 1 The first episode of "Universe -- The Cosmology Quest" presents an in-depth analysis of the discordant redshifts of galaxies and high red shift quasars in close proximity and/or apparently connected by filaments of matter. Though not a totally new debate, the growing number recent observations showing such correlations have greatly strengthened the theory that not all redshifts -- particularly those of distant quasars -- are due to the expansion of the universe. This, of course, challenges the presiding dogma by putting into question the main basis of the whole big bang theory -- namely the Hubble redshift distance law. Many deep rooted controversies are revealed in an easily understandable language and amply illustrated with beautiful high-end 3D motion graphics and a symphonic sound track.

This episode presents some of the last footage ever recorded with the legendary cosmologist and writer Sir Fred Hoyle. It also includes over 40 minutes of extra interviews with many of the leading astronomers and cosmologists of our time.

Featuring Interviews with: • Sir Fred Hoyle - Cosmologist • Dr. Halton C. Arp -- Cosmologist • Dr. Geoffrey Burbidge -- Cosmologist • Dr. Margaret Burbidge -- Astronomer • Kary Mullis -- Nobel laureate • Dr. Jayant Narlikar -- Cosmologist • Martin Lopez-Corredoira -- Astronomer • John Dobson -- Telescope designer / philosopher • Jack Sulentic -- Astronomer


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Ghada Chehade: Cosmology Crisis 2021 | Thunderbolts


184K subscribers

For over 100 years the cosmological story has been the story of the Big Bang, gravity and relativity. Although, what if that story is wrong and a new cosmological story is emerging? How might a change in the cosmological narrative impact society and contemporary culture? There is a growing awareness that the standard model of cosmology is in crisis.

Writer, poet, and social critic Ghada Chehade has broadened her focus to analyze how changes in science and cosmology impact culture. Ghada holds a PhD in Discourse Analysis and her doctoral research won Best Dissertation from the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing.


Not If, But When: Cosmology in Crisis & The Coming Paradigm Shift, Part 2 https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2021/04/10/not-if-but-when-cosmology-in-crisis-the-coming-paradigm-shift-part-2/


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