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Jewish Censorship, Part 3, Mirror - Israel's Internet Censorship (If Americans Knew), June 17, 2020


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Jewish Censorship, Part 2, The Day Amazon Murdered History (Free Speech), Germar Rudolf (Castle Hill) June 17, 2020


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Jewish Censorship, Bro Nathaneal, Amazon Book Burning and Social Media, June 17, 2020


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Jim and Joe Rizoli
The Holocost and False Memories


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"The AnteDote goes live to discuss the key issues of the evening (you know the Maxwell arrest)."


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"This excellent documentary exposes "The Holocaust" scam (aka The HOLOHOAX) and some inverted reality of WW II. Revisionists are TRUTHERS, and Truth is the New Hate Speech!!!"


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The Holocaust: Shifting the Blame - Part 1

"Shifting the Blame" examines the Holocaust by looking at key events in history that took place before the apparent Jewish genocide. By examining historical facts we begin to see a pattern of concealment and propaganda as we explore the Jewish role in the Russian Revolution and other events throughout our history.


The Holocaust: Shifting the Blame - Part 2


Part 2 continues to exam the Jewish produced films being used as propaganda, while examining holocaust survivors testimonies, combined with the scientific and mathematical data.


This is not likely to be found on "YT"!

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Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty served as Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy.


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WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMBING OF 1993 - Hidden Path to 9/11: Crimes, Cover-Ups and Missing Links [full]

This film is also in 5 different 1-hour segments on the 2nd channel: https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLcyh4y-_nZh

‘WTC BOMBING OF 1993 - Hidden Path to 9/11: Crimes, Cover-Ups and Missing Links’ is an ever-expanding, continually revised film produced by Thermal Detonator (Truther TV /We Are Change LA) that's also a compendium of other documentaries, based off previous work done in 2015 with ‘AN INCONVENIENT 9/11 TRUTH [Part II]: Roads from NYC to OKC’. This film is not just about the 1993 WTC bombing but also events before as well as right after, in some instances reaching up 2001 with 9/11.

Please consider donating or becoming a Patreon if you would like to see improvements: https://www.patreon.com/thermaldetonator

1. 9/11 WPIX News Report+ Last Man Out
2. 07:18 Disinfowars - Domestic Narrative Indoctrination intro
3. 12:52 Story of Sayyid Qutb & EMB - Rise of Ayman Zawahiri & Islamic Jihad
4. 21:07 Afghan-Russian War & Mujahedeen - Fall of Abdullah Azzam, Rise of OBL
5. 31:08 El Sayyid Nosair assassinates Rabbi Meir Kahane (Nov 5,1990) + Ali Mohamed
6. 37:16 Fall of Mustafa Shalabi, Rise of Blind Sheikh - Wadih el-Hage uncovered post-93
7. 44:36 The Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman & Al Farooq Mosque funding Nosair's defense
8. 46:43 Meet, Egyptian FBI informant Emad Salem - infiltrating Nosair's circles
9. 55:52 Ramzi Yousef first enters the U.S. and builds a bomb with Mosque members
10. 57:19 (Feb 26, 1993) BOOM!- The Bombing of the World Trade Center
11. 01:09:00 Ryder Van recovery leads to Mohamed Solameh and roommate Yousef
12. 01:21:34 Emad Salem reactivated-Blind Shiekh & Landmark Plot Bust
13. 01:33:55 The FBI investigates, the FBI... The Salem Tapes
14. 01:42:48 Ryder Van Stolen Vehicle Report links to Mossad Spy Josie Hadas
15. 01:45:30 Ramzi flees U.S. and Pakistani authorities
16. 01:48:33 Bhutto assassination attempt - Mission Abort
17. 01:50:09 Attempted embassy bombing Bangkok, 1994 - Mission abort+ Ishtaq Parker
18. 01:53:54 Imam Reza Shrine bomb Mashhad, Iran 6-20-1994
19. 01:58:06 Ramzi and KSM arrive in Philippines + Greenbelt Theatre bombing
20. 02:01:07 Attempted Bombing of PAL Flight 434 Dec 1994
21. 02:04:38 Bojinka Plot discovered with Hakim Murad busted - Ramzi flees the Philippines
22. 02:12:47 Ramzi captured in Pakistan at Su Casa guest house Feb 7, 1995
23. 02:21:47 Yousef brought back to NY to face trial for 93 bombing and other Acts of Terror
24. 02:28:32 Family Tradition of Radical Islam or Mista'Aravim - KSM Family Tree
25. 02:34:42 The Story of Ahmed Ajaj - Mossad asset Master Bombmaker
26. 02:37:43 Kunstler Vs. Kahane from the Grave – Salem-Kahane-Chai link exposed
27. 02:45:02 JDL= International-Terrorism
28. 02:48:38 By Way of the Masada, A brief overview of Jewish Terrorism
29. 02:57:26 KSM Family Tree Redux with cousin Ammar - Islamic Terrorism or Arab Terrorism
30. 03:02:59 Contrasts & Crossings - Piper& Kunstler JFK to 9-11 - KSM Redux II
31. 03:08:29 Salem in question part I - Fear Mongering & False Flag Damage control for Jones
32. 03:16:33 Salem in question part II - Obama Deception bandwagon & Pro-Neocon Policy
33. 03:22:49 Salem in question part III - Egyptian Agent & Zionist + Sander Hicks interview
34. 03:29:27 Abdul Rahman Yasin - The 7th Bomber Who Got Away
35. 03:41:13 1st. Attack = 1st Iraqi Terrorism Pretext- Yasin=Haddas Apt. w/Salameh & Yousef
36. 03:50:48 OBL in retrospect to Nosair and the Gulf War-era + Ali Mohamed revisited
37. 04:00:10 Relevance’s of 93 conspirators - Bojinka revisit + OBL brother-in-law Jamal Khalifa
38. 04:06:21 Gitmo Vs. Supermax - Wadi El-Hage + Syrian Muslim Brotherhood & Hamburg Cell
39. 04:12:14 Gitmo Vs. Supermax - Overview of Ramzi Yousef and other conspirators
40. 04:18:02 Terry Nichols barging in on Bojinka- Yousef, OKC Bombing & The Texas Nexus
41. 04:22:29 Arab Christians and Lebanese Assets - Pretexts to frame Hezbollah
42. 04:28:17 Past and Post WTC 93 and 9/11 with an overview
43. 04:33:11 Operation Northwoods card- Alex Jones's narrative by way of Sandy Hook Failure
44. 04:41:05 Alex Jones - The Tip of the Fear-Spear
45. 04:48:11 Blueprints of the WTC: 9/11 Story of Fireman Ronald Bucca
46. 05:00:20 Epilogue - An Inconvenient Closure - Denko & Silverstein + Anthrax 1993
47. 05:03:25 Ending warp-up with rolling credits

Also, the film is broken into 47 different chapters exclusively here: https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PL-MUhgAHJak

An extended and unlicensed version also available on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/xFF5CKiVYsPT/

For questions regarding info on how to get a DVD, file, or if you'd like to donate and contribute to more film-making and collecting archives, email, or Paypal: wacwood@gmail.com. Please subscribe to the channels. Thank you for viewing.


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NTD: Virus origin info censorship.


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Forbidden Knowledge. God abhors ignorance. So do the courts. 

This is a rare documentary from 2004 by Honest Media Today. It uses highly graphic and disturbing photographs and footage to reveal the true extent of Zionist War crimes, and documents the tens of thousands of Palestians who have been decapitated, slaughtered, or displaced at the hands of murderous kikes.

It also covers other Jewish-perpetrated atrocities like the Deir Yassin massacre, the Lavon Affair, the King David hotel bombing, the USS Liberty attack and the brutal crimes of kike Baruch Goldstein.

Near the end of the film, you will also learn how some Jewish terrorists go as far as kidnapping non-Jewish children, murdering them and harvesting their organs.


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Classic Jonestown documentary.


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Laos still too secret to mention?


In the shadows of the Vietnam War, the CIA organized a secret war in neighboring Laos to prevent communism from spreading deeper into Southeast Asia. The Hmong fought for the U.S. — and for themselves— to keep Ho Chi Minh’s regime from destroying their way of life. Distributed nationally by American Public Television.


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Mexico DEA Narc Reveals CIA’s Greatest Coverup

Valuetainment 2.67M subscribers


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False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism


TRANSCRIPT: https://www.corbettreport.com/bioterror/

For the past twenty years, the world has been in the midst of a so-called "war on terror" set in motion by a false flag attack of spectacular proportions. Now the stage is being set for a new spectacular attack to usher in the next stage in that war on terror: the war on bioterrorism. But who are the real bioterrorists? And can we rely on government agencies, their appointed health authorities, and the corporate media to accurately identify those terrorists in the wake of the next spectacular terror attack?

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