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SWR02 Aug 17 '20, 05:28

Don't hold your breath waiting to hear about this in the news. And don't tell anyone, lest the word gets out, and it turns out to be your last breath, that is!

It all  started out several years ago when there was talk about making cars that run on compressed air. I asked how much of the atmosphere would be sequestered if a billion people has tanks with air at 20K Atmospheres pressure in them. Haven't seen any talk, to speak of, about air cars since.

Now there is a problem with rich people hoarding oxygen, creating a shortage of tanks for hospitals. One wonders how soon the O2 level in air we breathe will start to diminish.

And how much oxygen is absorbed by ions released by jet aircraft as persistent trails in the sky? Why all the buzz about CO2 and never a peep about OXYGEN???

SWR02 Mar 25 '21, 05:31

CEO of Highview Power shares the scoop on the CRYOBattery, which could become the biggest batteries in grid scale storage.


SWR02 Apr 27 '21, 17:01

Need to sequester more oxygen in tanks?

"India’s health system is collapsing amid a tsunami of COVID-19 cases—the highest in the world. As patients struggle to find hospital beds, doctors are sounding the alarm on dwindling medical supplies, including oxygen, on Twitter. Meanwhile, the Modi govt., which expanded vaccination criteria, is facing the heat for its response to the crisis. NPR Correspondent Lauren Frayer joins from Mumbai." Read the Full Transcript:


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SWR02 May 18 '21, 18:53

Carbon absorbing O2?

Geoengineering with Black Carbon Lofting ClimateViewer News https://climateviewer.com/

ClimateViewer Maps http://climateviewer.org/

Weather Modification History https://weathermodificationhistory.com/

SWR02 May 22 '21, 04:59

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Masks are Harmful: 17 Ways That Masks Can Cause Harm

Wearing Face Masks While Exercising Reduces Oxygen, Increases Heart Rate, Baylor Scott & White Study Says

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SWR02 May 30 '21, 01:20

Safe for the environment???

Elon Musk confirmed that the new Roadster will offer a special SpaceX package, fitting compressed air thrusters into the already impressive Roadster.

SWR02 Aug 1 '21, 11:52

It's sugar-free!

SWR02 Aug 3 '21, 01:06

The supply chain.

SWR02 Aug 11 '21, 23:32

Are you a useless breather?

Q Clearance (Formerly) researcher and electromagnetics expert, Ginny Silcox, joins us once again to discuss an alarming connection - the ingredients in the vaccines, like Graphene Oxide, are turning peoples blood into living high receptivity antenna. And the implications are hellish.

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SWR02 Sep 6 '21, 23:34

If you block sunlight to plankton, O2 disappears?

Geoengineering the Great Barrier Reef - Marine Cloud Brightening

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SWR02 Sep 25 '21, 04:05

CLOUDLESS NIGHTS! Cirrus Cloud Thinning #CirrusCloudsMatter


SWR02 Nov 11 '21, 00:16
SWR02 Dec 13 '21, 22:47

December Tornadoes Linked To Weather Control?



SWR02 Jun 27 '23, 00:11

Sick puppies.

Skip to 40min mark.


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