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It is now possible to replace fracking, shale oil, nuclear, and coal, with cheap, abundant, ecologically beneficial synthesized diesel and gasoline!!! Get ready for positive abrupt change! Guilt-free muscle cars anyone? Totally independent off-grid living? Check this out!

Duckweed USA
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SWR02 Aug 10 '17, 15:47
Some things to know about batteries.

SWR02 Sep 13 '17, 06:56
Duckweed USA will create about 250 jobs in the Sparta, GA area within the next five years.

SWR02 Feb 13 '18, 02:11
One overlooked extra advantage of air power is that you can compress air directly with wind or water mill. Thus foregoing need for access to grid or high tech, high cost electric generation system!

Due to the operating costs and ease of use of the vehicle, the compressed air car is a disruptive technology that addresses one of the issues of electric cars, which is the charging time. In the case of compressed air, the car can be refilled like a gasoline car by transferring compressed air from a compressed air station, similar to the one that exists today at the gas station for the fill up the tires but with larger capacity and pressure in order to refill the vehicles.

more: https://zeropollutionmotors.us/technology/
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SWR02 Feb 27 '18, 09:42
Windmills rivaling aviation technology.

SWR02 Sep 28 '19, 09:33

High school leaver builds own electricity power plant (Amazing Story) | Faces of Kenya |Documentary

Amazing story of John Magiro Wangari a for Faces of Kenya on Tuko TV. A high school leaver by the name John Magiro Wangari has built his own electricity power plant in Murang'a county.He has been able to supply electricity to residents in his village from his innovation.He says he is out to supplement the Kenya's only power supply company.Kenya Power.He fought against the odds to see his project impact the lives of the residents of Mathioya Constituency.


SWR02 Oct 5 '20, 04:59

16 Inventions Getting Us Off Fossil Fuels

Tech Insider
3.21M subscribers
Much of the world's energy is sourced from fossil fuels. However, there are several individuals and companies who have developed inventions to help get the world off of non-renewable energy. Watch the video above to see these inventions in action.


SWR02 Oct 15 '20, 22:40

Turbulent Hydro 53.7K subscribers Could the future of energy be found in rivers? At Turbulent, have no doubts about it! Our micro-hydropower technology opens possibilities to generate clean, renewable and reliable energy in places that were never viable before. In this video, you will find a complete explaination on how we can help you generate green energy for the local people, to help the planet while making a sustainable profit. Start your project now on www.turbulent.be


SWR02 Oct 16 '20, 05:49

OpenSourceLowTech 88.7K subscribers For less than $50 you can build a low head, medium power, super low cost and low tech hydro turbine. Can be plugged into any appropriate waterway, uses only basic off the shelf and recycled materials, and simple hand tools. Aiming for 200 to 500 watts of power/ 5-12 kWh per day from 2 meters of drop at about 50 liters per second. This technology was produced in partnership with COACT, an open source green tech incubator in Barcelona. COACT exists to help all kinds of innovators working on green technologies.

To learn more, and apply for a residency visit https://www.coactlab.org

And thanks to the good people at Ca La Fou (https://calafou.org/) for the rest. Once the design is optimized I'll produce a full open source construction tutorial on the website:


SWR02 Oct 27 '20, 03:05

Room temp superconductor! 


SWR02 Mar 25 '21, 04:42

New batteries.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRyo0Nr7CrY

Zac and Jesse speak to Donald Sadoway, the Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Advisor of Ambri.

SWR02 Apr 24 '21, 13:14

Tom Ross form Teznic.com and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 discuss how the Grand Solar Minimum will break and rupture infrastructure across the planet leaving delivery systems inoperable along with the solution of (On Demand Hydrogen Production) for fuels and energy. https://teznic.com/pages/hydrogen​

•Linear Generator for Hydrogen on Demand in Vehicles

•Graphene like batteries made from hemp

•Sugar Beets for ethanol production

•Hydrogen economy •Hydrogen investment

•Napoleon Hill

•Gamified Reality

•Hydrogen backed cryptocurrency


SWR02 Feb 12 '22, 21:38

GravBuoy will transform power.

Vertical generation underwater with variable density housing.

Sinks by gravity, rises by buoyancy.

Stay tuned!

SWR02 Jun 28 '22, 03:09

As the magnet container reaches bottom of coil shaft, water in ballast tank is replaced with air, causing it to rise up again, generating more energy. There are possibly more efficient ways to achieve buoyancy. The system is inherently low maintenance because of magnetic lubrication. At the top the tank is refilled and the container sinks again. 24/7. No noise, or pollution. Underwater even protects from EMP!?

I suspect it isn't hard to get more power out of one system cycle, than it takes to empty the tank?

Am hoping to find someone who will give this some serious thought and not pass it off as some dumb perpetual motion machine scam. Not an expensive development project!

If it works it is a game changer for the planet, since no fuel, wind, waves, or sunlight required. Elegant simplicity?
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