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SWR02 Sep 24 '17, 22:33

Graeme MacQueen on 9/11: The Pentagon's B-Movie (interview)


Published on Sep 18, 2017

Graeme MacQueen returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his article "9/11: The Pentagon's B-Movie." We talk about how the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, however real, were also eerily similar to a movie plot and thus indicate the "9/11 movie" to be a carefully scripted event directed and produced by the Deep State.

Graeme is a retired member of the Religious Studies Department at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He earned a doctorate in Buddhist Studies from Harvard University and helped found the McMaster's Centre for Peace Studies in 1989. Graeme is the former co-editor of The Journal of 9/11 Studies and the author of The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy.


SWR02 Sep 27 '17, 11:58
Recent Top Drawer Interview!!!

Christopher Bollyn: The Man Who Solved 9/11

SWR02 Oct 13 '17, 00:43
For beginners: 9/11 truth/Greater Israel Project/NWO


SWR02 Mar 15, 06:34
Anyone who says airplanes and fire brought down the THREE towers, is either evil, or stupid.

SWR02 Mar 15, 08:17
Recap of 20 years of history on the internet.

SWR02 Mar 16, 20:31
New voices in the community.

SWR02 Mar 16, 23:07
This film is targeted as it's also to be appreciated by both the 9/11 Truth Movement and defenders of the official narrative, as this documentary contains new evidence of an unheard of 9/11 cover-up and mystery solved, with a surprise piece of the puzzle coming from the most unlikely of all sources. This is not a scientific or academic expose about the physical attack at the Pentagon on September 11th, it is a multi-media researched expose about some of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, particularly those that boarded American Airlines Flight 77 at Dulles International Airport, as well as addressing some of the outlandish alternative conspiracy theories against Flight 77 and the Pentagon attack, including official evidence such as flight calls and security videos. What this film entails is a cover-up that occurred at Dulles Airport with the release of the airport security CCTV video capturing the hijackers boarding Flight 77, while also providing a collection of unnoticed interviews from airport staff, including some from Boston Logan Airport. It also covers the airfone calls made from Flight 77 as well as touching on others made on Flights 11 & 93, plus some of the stories and recounts of victim’s family members of Flight 77 and the Pentagon attack, including those who have been at odds with the official story and the 9/11 commission report as well as the establishment treatment. ~ Thermal Detonator 

Documentary references -https://youtu.be/_omKXktAnVM
SWR02 Mar 19, 23:58
Well worth the watch, whatever you believe.

SWR02 Mar 21, 08:05
The whole playlist is worth a peek.

SWR02 Apr 9, 11:53
A Version They Didn't Tell You

100% *Proof* 911 Was Connected To Israelis
SWR02 May 13, 23:36
Retired FDNY Rudy Dent on 9/11 Truth

Rudy dent is a former Vietnam veteran, police officer, 32 year veteran of the FDNY, and a 9/11 Truth Activist. Dent was a 9/11 first responder and witnessed the collapse of Building 7 and molten “lava-like” steel. Dent has a strong passion for the truth and is a man full of knowledge, wisdom, and integrity.


SWR02 May 15, 23:32

Whatever happened to the informed populace???  


SWR02 May 16, 00:14
Calling OUT Bravo-7: Firefighters' Perspectives of High-Rise Fires and 9/11



In honour of the 343, Firefighters talk about fire physics, building designs and explain why they continue to commit into high-rise fires without fear of sudden and complete building failure.

Also available at https://vimeo.com/228041209 .

SWR02 May 26, 23:50
9/11 Compensation Fund

They murder 3000 of your people. Then give out your taxpayer money to prevent themselves from being sued.


SWR02 May 27, 08:47

It was an OUTSIDE job!!!

All four parts.

SWR02 May 28, 00:13

Was 'Ground Zero' A Crime Scene On 9/11?In "The 9/11 Blacklist:Chasing Shadows Episode 76," we discuss the removal of debris from 'Ground Zero' and how amazingly quick the clean up operation started and was conducted. We discuss the very real idea that the removal of evidence from 'Ground Zero' was a crime in itself and why this is so. We discuss at length where the then removed Steel and other debris was moved to.


SWR02 Jun 1, 22:39

Ray McGovern vintage presentation


SWR02 Jul 28, 00:06
9/11 Inside Out - What A Real 9/11 Investigation Would Reveal

AlienScientist Published on Aug 30, 2016 After 15 years of meticulous research and analysis into the events and theories surrounding 9/11, this is a collection of all the best facts and evidence proving who had the means, motive, and opportunity to commit the crimes we witnessed on September 11th, and who ought to be investigated if we ever hope to get to the bottom of it.

Please visit 911InsideOut.com for more information.


SWR02 Jul 28, 04:15

2hr version. 


SWR02 Jul 29, 00:22
Forbidden History 2 of 4. Neocon 9/11 — Mossad Mural Vans & Dancing Israelis (Read, Like & Share)

Waleed Higgins Published on Feb 16, 2016 "America faces a major energy supply crisis over the next two decades. The failure to meet this challenge will threaten our nation's economic prosperity, compromise our national security, and literally alter the way we lead our lives." Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham, National Energy Summit, March 2001 The New Cold War is not being fought over ideology — the world has globalized — it is a battle for control of energy. With the era of cheap, plentiful oil drawing to a close, neoconservative America is taking military action to secure remaining supplies — as now is Russia, Europe and China. Rogue dictatorships threatening the supply of depleted resources will no longer be tolerated. Israel's staring role in this drama stems from their extensive media, political and intelligence assets within the United States which are used to provoke American wars in the Middle East. "The United States remains a prisoner of its energy dilemma. Iraq remains a destabilizing influence to ... the flow of oil to international markets from the Middle East. Saddam Hussein has also demonstrated a willingness to threaten to use the oil weapon and to use his own export program to manipulate oil markets. Therefore the US should conduct an immediate policy review toward Iraq including military, energy, economic and political/diplomatic assessments." The Baker Institute for Public Policy, "Strategic Energy Policy Challenges For The 21st Century", April 2001 Abundant, high-grade coal powered the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries initiating massive urbanization and population growth. Abundant oil then became the high-energy fuel source of the 20th century laying the foundations for a global technological society of several billion: from 1900 to 2000 world population rose from 1.6 to 6 billion people. Oil is rapidly being depleted, after fossil fuels there is no equivalent energy supply, this represents a major crisis for an urban population artificially inflated far beyond the natural carrying capacity of the planet. "Our prosperity and way of life are sustained by energy use. Energy security must be a priority of US trade and foreign policy." National energy policy, The Cheney Report, May 2001 Oil fuels the machinery of giant industrial agribusiness and provides it with the artificial fertilizers and pesticides used to feed the massive urban population. It powers the military-industrial infrastructure and mass transportation network of "developed" society. It is vital for pharmaceutical, chemical and synthetics production. It is also the primary raw material necessary for the manufacture of plastics — essential for so many modern day applications. And, of course, its sale is now pegged to the US dollar (the world reserve currency), thereby, propping up an economic system built upon nothing more than the international exchange of artificial wealth sustained by "market confidence" in continued growth. [Peak oil occurs when about half of available oil reserves have been extracted: profitable growth is then replaced by terminal decline.] Visit www.foia.cia.gov and in the search field type, er 77-10147, and there you will find a declassified 1977 CIA document entitled, "The Impending Soviet Oil Crisis". Armed with this intelligence report, the new Reagan Administration initiated a Cold War nuclear arms race with the USSR in the early 1980s, covertly created — via Saudi Arabia — the "Islamic Brigades" (the embryonic al Qaida) to fight Soviet forces in Afghanistan and, in the mid-1980s, persuaded the Saudis to flood the world market with cheap oil. The low price of oil reduced Soviet foreign exchange income as they struggled to keep up in the arms race and fight the war in Afghanistan. With old technology and out-of-date equipment Soviet oil production peaked in 1987, two years later the economy crumbled and the communist empire collapsed. America passed peak oil in 1970, after which the country became increasingly dependent upon energy imports. The economic chaos following the Arab oil embargo of 1973 dramatically highlighted America's new dependence on the Middle East. The CIA has been monitoring the international oil situation for a long time and that intelligence increasingly shapes US foreign policy. When the Bush neocons came to power in 2001 they and their Israeli allies planned and perpetrated the 9/11 attacks as a pretext for a new global strategy of regime change and energy war. This "War on Terror" reveals the complete ineptitude of the political establishment and their total subservience to Zionist interests: powerful forces who are using the energy crisis to send America to war with Israel's enemies in the Middle East. A course of action which has brought about a New Cold War and set America, and the world, on the road to World War III.


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