The Hidden Agenda Of The Corporate Elite w/ Vandana Shiva

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What is the hidden agenda behind policies and initiatives of corporate run governments? The truth is that the decision making of a select few individuals is negatively impacting the rest of humanity, and is actually threatening the existence of life on this planet. Much of the “efforts” to fix global issues are actually just facades. As Vandana says, “The act of TAKING is hidden by what’s given”. This is the mindset of ‘empire’, which has captured nearly all of our institutions. Vandana Shiva is a physicist, ecologist, activist, and prolific author. She has been fighting on the front lines as a fierce defender of the environment for decades. In this podcast, Vandana delves into the agenda of big pharma, big agriculture, and Bill Gates- we get into the nitty gritty of what the elites are actually doing. We also highlight the positive responses to this agenda, and posit what the more beautiful world to come will look like. Connect with Vandana Shiva Website| https://vandanashivamovie.com/Twitter | https://twitter.com/drvandanashivaYouTube | https://bit.ly/3fw2Qh1Time Stamps: 00:00- Intro 1:10- Climate Catastrophe & Responsibility 15:20- The Farmers Movement In India 23:32- Big Pharma and Big Agriculture- Same Players 32:55- Gross National Happiness & Consciousness Revolution 37:14- What Is Being Human? | Monoculture Of The Mind 39:10- Mainstream Media & Hyper-Globalization 47:25- What Is Bill Gates Really Up To? 1:02:45- Modern Colonization 1:10:00- What Can People Do?

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